Caldera Integrates Pyth Price Feeds for Enhanced Blockchain Development

Starting now, there’s an easy way for rollups and Oracle data to work together, thanks to Pyth Network and Caldera. Caldera is a platform that helps people who build smart contracts to quickly get their projects off the ground. They offer something called rollups, which are tools for making blockchain applications run faster and more efficiently.


Pyth Network is known for sharing relevant price data for different types of assets, like cryptocurrencies and stocks. Developers utilize Pyth’s price oracles for building decentralized applications with access to the most relevant price feeds.

Source: Pyth Network

Now, when someone uses Caldera to build their rollup, they can also use Pyth’s price feeds for retrieving real-time data. This means they can get real-time prices for various assets, including digital coins, goods, currencies, and even stocks. Pyth offers this information quickly and securely.

Caldera is a company that helps teams create blockchain projects that can handle large transactions volume with ease and low latency. They give you everything you need to make your blockchain idea work well, including tools to connect with other services and to help users store their digital assets safely.

Pyth is a network that provides real-time price data for different assets. The data is being retrieved from large exchanges and trading feeds. The data is combined and made available on the blockchain. In less than a year, Pyth has grown a lot, supporting more than $3 billion and giving real-time data for over 450 assets.

Caldera and Pyth are working together to make it easier for blockchain developers to get the fast and reliable price information they need for their projects.


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