Ankr’s Team Accounts: Elevating RPC Service With Enhanced Team Management

Ankr has unveiled Team Accounts, a dynamic feature poised to transform how businesses harness the power of its RPC Service, making a substantial step forward for blockchain project management. This innovative addition is set to change the operational dynamics of enterprises delving into the decentralized applications industry.


The essence of Team Accounts lies in its ability to foster a more cohesive and structured environment for project teams. By enabling the creation of dedicated teams, each with a clear mandate over certain projects or service aspects, Ankr is removing the ambiguity that can often cloud project execution. This focus on delineated responsibilities is not just about enforcing accountability; it is about setting each team up for success by providing them with a targeted scope of work.

Mike Kondratev, Senior Product Manager of Ankr RPC Service, highlighted the continuous evolution of the blockchain sector and the corresponding changes in demands on developers and enterprises. He noted that Team Accounts were designed to address these changing requirements by improving project management and fostering a collaborative spirit, which he described as essential for innovation.

The granularity of access control is a standout feature, offering nuanced roles across administrative, financial and development spectrums. This ensures that vital tasks are shielded by an additional layer of security, permitting only those with requisite permissions to enact changes or access sensitive information.

Moreover, Team Accounts serve as a centralized nexus for communication, sharing critical data and managing tasks with efficiency. This feature is an advantage for transparency and collective productivity, ensuring that all team members are on the same page, regardless of their geographical location or functional role.

Gathering unified statistics in real time is another compelling aspect of Ankr’s new product. By leveraging these insights, teams can drive dApp performance to new heights, tapping into data-driven strategies to refine their operational approach and meet strategic objectives with precision.


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