Best answer: What is the lightest complete scooter?

How much does the lightest pro scooter weigh?

What’s the lightest scooter we’ve built to date? 6.2 pounds.

How much do pro scooters weigh?

Most decks range in size from 4” – 4.5” wide, and 19”-21” length. Scooter Weight: Pro scooters are made of high-quality materials and are more durable than the kick-scooter that most riders start out with. The average freestyle scooter weighs between 7 -11 lbs.

What compression is the MGP VX9?

In addition to this improvement – the Light-AF headtube & extruded deck (which is now 20% lighter!).

Grip Durability How durable the grips are.

Colour Black
Compression Any Compression
Ability Beginner

What is the widest scooter deck?

If you’re over 6′ your going to want to the biggest available 4.75”-6” wide and 21.5”-23.5” long. Of course keep in mind smaller decks will be easier for tricks while larger decks will be more comfortable. The more basic scooters come with 100mm or 110mm wheels but you can get wheels up to 125mm in diameter.

What is a good weight for a stunt scooter?

While 4.5kg is an about average weight for such a scooter, stunt scooters have also become more technologically sophisticated in recent years.

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