Your question: How much does it cost to replace a clutch cable on a motorcycle?

How much does it cost to fix a motorcycle clutch?

These cost between $20 and $50 each. Labor adds significantly to the clutch replacement cost when you entrust it to professionals. Total labor costs will vary between $500 and $700, making for a total repair cost that can fall anywhere between $600 and $1,1000.

How much does it cost to replace a clutch cable?

Clutch cable replacement cost ranges from $146 to $176. Labor cost is about $68 till $86 while parts costs are about $78 to $90. The clutch cable is a primary component of all manual transmissions.

How hard is it to replace a clutch cable on a motorcycle?

Periodically, you’re going to need to change your motorcycle clutch cable. Over time, it will stretch a little or it might even snap. Replacing it can seem like a large job but it’s actually quite simple for anyone with basic mechanical skills. You don’t even need many tools in order to complete the task.

How long should a motorcycle clutch cable last?

Typically you can expect your a motorcycle clutch to last between 20 000 and 60 000 miles. A clutch that is often slipped in the friction zone and that is not properly maintained may need replacement after as little as 5 000 miles, while many riders do well over 100 000 miles on the original clutch.

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What causes a motorcycle clutch to slip?

A clutch slip occurs when the friction plates cannot engage completely, allowing the flywheel to spin at a different rate than the friction plates. … Clutch slippage is usually a result of improper adjustments or caused by wear.

What does motorcycle clutch slipping feel like?

Symptoms: A slipping clutch is quickly recognizable when you’re twisting the throttle with reckless abandon while the machine is in gear, yet the rear wheel isn’t rotating in unison with the engine’s rpm. If you’re wound out in third gear and only accelerating at a snail’s pace, then something is wrong.

What happens if your clutch cable breaks?

If for any reason the clutch cable snaps or breaks, the clutch pedal will become disconnected from the clutch linkage, and as a result will have little to no resistance when the pedal is depressed. This will obviously result in a vehicle that cannot shift into gear and will be undrivable.

How long does it take to replace a clutch cable?

How to Replace a Clutch. Clutch replacement can take as little as 2-3 hours, but on average the total job time sits at around 5 hours. The first part of the process is the removal of the old clutch. Firstly, the positive cable that goes into your battery (at the negative battery terminal) is unhooked.

Can you drive a car with a broken clutch cable?

Even though the clutch pedal is sturdy, it will still wear off or break at the pivot, pedal arm or your clutch. Driving a car with a faulty clutch can cause further damage to your gearbox, starter motor or shifter. It is important to resolve any damage spotted with your clutch.

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