You asked: How do you clean a motorcycle clutch plate?

What can I use to clean a motorcycle clutch plate?

You can use window cleaner or a light de-greaser cleaner (409 or Fantastic). I think contact cleaners and stronger engine sovents are too strong for the clutch material and seals. And you should clean your clutch plates (if you done get to ride in the rain too much). Use oil change intervals is a good idea.

Do you need to soak motorcycle clutch plates?

soaking plates

Im sure most clutch plates a similer. Well in the transmission world we would soak the clutches because they swell some and that way you can get your clutchpack clearance right. if their to tight it will burn up,to loose and its a sloppie shift.

Can I use brake cleaner on clutch?

Cleaning it off with brake cleaner will get rid of the surface residue, but as the clutch heats up any fluid soaked in the friction plate will reappear. So it’s worth a try cleaning it with brake fluid but don’t then go out and try to purposely get the clutch hot hoping to burn off any other fluid.

What can I use to clean a flywheel?

How to Clean a Flywheel

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with a mild soap before handling your vehicle’s flywheel. …
  2. Spray a light, even coat of brake cleaner on the surface of the flywheel.
  3. Scrub the surface of the flywheel with the rough dish cleaning pad. …
  4. Spray the surface of the flywheel with brake cleaner again.
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How do you deglaze a clutch?

The idea is to get friction across the clutch without building up heat. Basically, turn the clutch disk into a grinder.

Reverse grinding the clutch:

  1. Get speed up to 35 miles per hour.
  2. Put transmission into 2nd gear.
  3. lightly engauge clutch until RPMs start to rise.
  4. hold rpms steady at about 1200-1300RPM for 10 secconds.

How do you clean a pressure plate?

Use acetone or lacquer thinner to clean the pressure plate and flywheel friction surfaces. Remember not to use grease or oil on these surfaces and clean your hands before handling the parts. Position the pressure plate and clutch disk using an alignment tool (clutch pilot tool) against the flywheel.

How do you clean clutch dust?

Wet Wipe Method This method involves using a spray bottle or other device capable of delivering a fine mist of water, or amended water (water with a detergent), at low pressure to wet all brake and clutch parts. The brakes can then be wiped clean with a cloth.

How long should you soak Harley clutch plates?

You should soak them longer than 2 hours.

Do clutch plates absorb oil?

no. Contrary to popular belief, the plates do not absorb the oil. Soak one then break it apart…it is dry other than the surface. Install them dry…on start up disengage the clutch a few times to get the oil between the plates…that is all.

How do you change a clutch plate?

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Drain Any Oil Or Coolant From The Bike. …
  2. Disconnect Clutch Cable And Remove Clutch Cover. …
  3. Remove The Clutch Friction Plates. …
  4. Inspect The Clutch Basket For Damage. …
  5. Coat The Friction Plates In Oil And Install. …
  6. Reinstall The Clutch Cover And Cable. …
  7. Dispose Of Your Old Oil And Used Clutch Plates Properly.
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