You asked: How do you adjust motorcycle preload?

How do you adjust the rear preload on a motorcycle?

To adjust the preload on your bike’s rear shock, you will need a C-spanner to loosen the top locking ring and spin it up the shock to gain access to the adjuster ring. If you want to increase preload so the spring has less travel and to make the bike feel stiffer, turn the adjuster ring clockwise.

What does preload do on a motorcycle?

Preload is used to adjust the shock or spring to the correct range of operation within the suspension’s travel-more preload will raise the bike up on its suspension, keeping you near the top of its travel. With less preload, the bike sits lower and closer to the bottom of its suspension travel.

Does adjusting preload change ride height motorcycle?

The suspension may feel stiffer when preload is increased, but that’s because adding preload compresses the spring, so it takes more pressure to move the suspension any further. Adjusting preload simply determines the motorcycle’s ride height. … Basically, when ride height is overly high there is too little sag.

Does preload affect ride height?

Preload is independent of spring free length. An 18″ long, 100 lb/in spring with 1″ of preload will give you the same ride height as a 10″ long, 100 lb/in spring with 1″ of preload. In both cases you’ve applied 100 lb of force before the vehicle weight collapses the spring. … The result is the same amount of ride height.

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How much preload is too much?

A good indication that you’re relying on preload too much is if the bike has no sag at all under its own weight (with you NOT on the bike). Ideally, the bike will sag a small amount without you on it (5% or so) and then reach the desired 25-30% sag with you on the bike in normal riding position.

Does increasing preload increase sag?

When you tighten up/add more preload to the spring, it not only decreases rider sag, but it also decreases static sag as well. So think of it this way; the more you preload the spring, the more you’re pushing the seat upwards. The higher up the seat is, the smaller the sag numbers.

What does preload do on forks?

Preload pre-compresses your spring so that it takes more/less force to begin compressing the fork. Increasing the preload will increase the stiffness of the fork (like increasing air pressure in an air fork). Decreasing preload will decrease the stiffness of the fork, similar to decreasing air pressure in an air fork.

Does preload change stiffness?

The myth: Preload affects spring rates and handling characteristics. Why it’s wrong: The short answer is that preload won’t make a spring any stiffer, and it won’t make it any softer, but all you want to know is why you’ve been told the opposite.

What does preload adjustment do?

Preload makes the bike sit higher, or lower. It does not make the spring stiffer. So if someone tells you that you should reduce your preload to make the bike feel less harsh, they probably don’t have a clue. In many cases, less preload will make the bike somewhat more harsh.

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Are all motorcycle shocks adjustable?

Not all shocks have compression adjustments, but for those that do, you can make changes to impact how the bike handles bumps and braking.