Why should you check for motorcyclists just before turning right?

Why should you check for motorcyclists just before turning?

Why should you check for motorcyclists just before turning? Explanation: Never attempt to change direction to the right without first checking your right-hand mirror and blind spot. A motorcyclist might not have seen your signal and could be hidden by other traffic. This observation should become a matter of routine.

What should you do before turning right into a side road?

Well before you turn right you should:

  • use your mirrors to make sure you know the position and movement of traffic behind you.
  • give a right-turn signal.
  • take up a position just left of the middle of the road or in the space for traffic turning right.
  • leave room for other vehicles to pass on the left, if possible.

What else might signify that a pedestrian is blind?

If you see a person with a completely white cane, this will usually mean they are blind, or visually impaired. … Pedestrians with a red and white striped cane however, are deafblind (with both sight and hearing impairments).

Why do motorcyclists look round over their right shoulder?

Explanation: If you see a motorcyclist take a quick glance over their shoulder, this could mean they are about to change direction. Recognising a clue like this helps you to be prepared and take appropriate action, making you safer on the road.

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What should you do before turning right?

When you’re turning right, plan your approach to the junction. Signal and select the correct gear in good time. Just before you turn, take a lifesaver glance for a final check behind and to the side of you.

Can you turn right on a green light without an arrow?

A: The answer is no. With signals like this, drivers have to follow the turn-signal lights, and if the left arrow signal isn’t green, they can’t make a left turn, even if the light for through traffic is green.

Which is the most vulnerable road user?

The most vulnerable road users are pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders. It is particularly important to be aware of children, older and disabled people, and learner and inexperienced drivers and riders.

Who may use toucan crossings?

Toucan. Crossings are designed for both pedestrians and cyclists and are typically used adjacent to a cycle-path (Cyclists are not allowed to cross the road using Zebra, Pelican or Puffin crossings). They have the same signals as Pelicans, but include a green cycle symbol alongside the green man.