Who is Chichina in Motorcycle Diaries?

What happened to Chichina in motorcycle Diaries?

After leaving Buenos Aires but before beginning their trip in earnest, Ernesto and Alberto visit Ernesto’s girlfriend Chichina at her summer house. … However, Comeback almost dies several times on the way to Chichina’s summer house, falling off the motorcycle and refusing to eat.

Did Chichina break up with Ernesto?

However, Chichina also shows the tendency of bourgeois life to leave Ernesto unfulfilled. Ernesto never quite takes her seriously and finds it easy to make fun of her with Alberto. When she eventually breaks up with him via letter, he discovers he actually feels nothing for her.

What did Chichina give to Alberto?

Ernesto does not dance well. Chichina tries to teach him. Alberto dances well and dances with Chichina and other pretty young women. … It is $15 Chichina has given him to buy her a bathing suit if they make it to the U.S. Ernesto says the money is off limits.

Who is comeback in The Motorcycle Diaries?

Comeback, the little dog Guevara is bringing to his girlfriend, Chichina, is a symbol of his affection for her at the beginning of the story. He is named with verbal irony, to signify Guevara’s intent and promise to Chichina that he will come back from his trip for her.

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What does Ernesto do with the $15?

He desperately asks Ernesto for his $15, but Ernesto reveals that he gave the money to the mining couple in the Atacama desert.

What is the theme of The Motorcycle Diaries?

Medicine is often a mix of disillusionment and conflicting ideologies, misplaced respect and status, friendship and solidarity. These are values that surprisingly play a central theme in The Motorcycle Diaries, a film about a young Che Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado.

What did Dr Hugo Pesce give Ernesto and Alberto?

He gives them his $15 that Chichina gave him, even though that money could have saved him and Alberto from going hungry or being homeless. Alberto and Ernesto witnesses more poor indigenous people in Chile whose hand has been taken away and they have to earn a living as miners.

Why did Ernesto and Alberto go to Miramar?

The men travel for some days and stop in Miramar, Argentina, to visit Ernesto’s girlfriend, Chichina, and her family.

What does the motorcycle symbolize in Motorcycle Diaries?

Ernesto begins his narrative with an image of his friend Alberto’s motorcycle, which is the vehicle that makes possible Ernesto and Alberto’s road trip across South America. … In this sense, the motorcycle symbolizes the youthful scrappiness of their adventure and their reckless desire to embrace risk and improvisation.