When you see a motorcyclist tailgating you you should?

When you see a motorcycle tailgating you you should?

Along with increasing the space in front of your motorcycle and the next vehicle, you can lightly tap on your breaks to help alert the tailgater where you are. If the tailgating continues and you feel unsafe, use your signal and pull over when possible, allowing the motorist to pass you.

What should you do to protect a tailgating motorcyclist?

To protect a tailgating motorcyclist while following another vehicle, you should…. increase your following distance. flash your headlights. flash your brake lights.

When a motorcyclist is passing you you should?

8. Pass with care. When a motorist passes a motorcyclist, the gust of wind that follows could cause the motorcycle to become unstable. Always use your turn signal before changing lanes or merging to allow the motorcyclist to anticipate traffic flow and find a safe lane position.

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When you Cannot see an entire intersection ahead How can you prepare for a motorcyclist turning left ahead of you *?

When you cannot see an entire intersection ahead, how can you prepare for a motorcyclist turning left ahead of you? Expect smaller vehicles in your path. be as visible as possible. light, medium, and heavy.

How do you tell if you are tailgating?

Police officers are adept at determining whether tailgating was the cause of a rear end accident. They may also measure tire tracks your tires put on the road if you slammed your brakes before striking the car in front of you.

What is it called when you are driving too fast to see and stop at night?

You are overdriving your headlights when you go so fast that your stopping distance is farther than you can see with your headlights. This is a dangerous thing to do, because you may not give yourself enough room to make a safe stop.

What makes it difficult for vehicle drivers?

A motorcycles smaller size makes it difficult for vehicle drivers to judge a motorcycles speed and distance. An oncoming motorcyclists is signaling for a left turn. … The relatively small size of a motorcycle is lost in you blind spot areas is why motorcycles are often hard to see behind your vehicle.

When dealing with motorcyclists in traffic you must realize that they are?

When dealing with motorcycles in traffic, you must realize that they are… Able to stop more quickly than cars.

Where should motorcyclists position themselves so they will be seen easily?

Most motorcyclists choose to stay in the left position for the majority of the time they’re on the road. It offers good visibility and a flexible set of escape routes in an emergency.

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Where should motorcyclist position themselves to be seen easier?

Motorcyclists have a lot of room to maneuver on the road. But by viewing the lane as three separate sections, the most visible and safest for a rider is the leftmost side near the dotted line. It’s where you’re less likely to be hidden in a driver’s blind spot.

Where will the driver of a large truck have the most difficulty seeing?

Final Review

Question Answer
the driver of a large truck or tractor-trailer has the most difficulty seeing to the sides and rear
Slow down and proceed with caution at a flashing ______ light yellow
what is the recommended safe following distance 3-4 s

What message are you sending when you tap your brake pedal?

When you tap your brake pedal, what message are you giving to other drivers? communicate by using your lights and/or horn.