What is checked on a motorbike mot?

What checks are done on a motorcycle MOT?

What is tested on a motorcycle MOT?

  • Lights. Almost two in five defects found during motorbike MOTs are related to lamps and reflectors – including almost half of all ‘major’ defects. …
  • Steering and suspension. …
  • Wheels and tyres. …
  • Frame. …
  • Braking. …
  • Exhaust system. …
  • Fuel system. …
  • Seats.

What is not checked in a motorbike MOT?

You should bear in mind that motorcycle MOTs do not cover the condition of your gearbox, engine or clutch. Also, the fee will not include the cost of servicing any parts which are found to be substandard. So: let’s take a look at what is checked, and the particular requirements your motorcycle will need to satisfy.

What fails a bike MOT?

Top ten motorcycle MoT failures…

Lamps and reflectors 9.257%
Steering 1.633%
Identification of the vehicle 1.186%
Motorcycle audible warning (horn) 0.913%
Wheels 0.298%

Does a motorbike need indicators for MOT?

You must inspect all direction indicators. Direction indicators are not needed for motorcycles that: do not have front and rear position lamps. have front and rear position lamps permanently disconnected, painted over or masked.

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Can I ride my motorcycle to MOT without MOT?

In most cases, your insurance will be invalid. The only times you can ride without an MoT is on the way to a pre-booked test or on the way to a place where the bike is booked in for repairs.

How long does an MOT take on a motorcycle?

MOT should take 30mins including brake testing etc. An Mot max price is set by Vosa at £27.15. If its only taking ten mins then they arent doing it properly.

How much is a 125cc motorbike MOT?

There’s a maximum amount MOT test stations can charge. This depends on the type of vehicle. The maximum fee for a car is £54.85 and £29.65 for a standard motorcycle. You do not pay VAT on the fee.

Will a Decat bike pass MOT?

De-catting should be done at the same time as fitting a performance non road legal system for maximum gains IMO. As for MOT’s well my old Rover 220 has a de-cat pipe fitted, and passes it’s MOT just fine (at a friendly garage!

What does a bike need for daytime MOT?

It may surprise some to hear you’re able to pass an MOT on a bike that has no brake lights, headlights, tail lights, indicators* or a speedometer fitted. The only requirements are a horn, a chain guard (if pillion pegs are present) and a number plate (complete with reflector).

Is a rusty chain an MOT failure?

While cars might well fail on ‘structure’ if they’re terminally rusty, your bike will only fall foul if the frame is horribly corroded, cracked, twisted or damaged enough to affect the way the bike rides, steers or stops.

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Are Rusty Spokes an MOT failure?

Spokes must be noticeably ‘thinned’ by rust for a wheel to fail, in my experience. If the wheel is straight and the spokes aren’t obviously damaged or ridiculously rusted, it’ll pass.

Do you get 14 days grace for an MOT?

Some motorists may be under the impression that there is a period of grace regarding renewing a lapsed MOT, but this is sadly not the case. The only exception to this is if you already have a booking for the vehicle to be tested and are driving it to the MOT test centre. An MOT must be renewed before it expires.

Are indicators a legal requirement?

As there’s no specific offence detailing the inappropriate use, or failing to use signals / indicators, then technically it’s legal to not indicate.

What does an Enduro bike need for MOT?

Need all lights, front and rear brake. Unsure if indicators are required for enduro. Road legal tyres, horn, speedo all required. I forget about lights usually and tape em up, get daytime mot and add lights afterwards.