What does the dot on a motorcycle tire mean?

How many years does a motorcycle tire last?

You should replace the motorcycle tires if they are over five years old. However, this is a general guideline to follow, and it does not apply to all situations. You may be able to use tires that are older than five years if they sat in storage for the first one to three years without extensive damage.

Where does red dot on tire go?

First, if the tire has a red dot, the yellow dot is ignored! The red dot is then lined up with either the “low point dimple” (on steel wheels) or next to the valve stem on alloy wheels.

Where does the red dot go when fitting a tyre?

If both red and yellow dots are visible on your tyre and you don’t have any dots or marks on your wheel, red takes precedence over yellow and you should align the red dot with the valve stem. Cancelling out the high point takes precedence over the lightest point of the tyre, which can be addressed with wheel weights.

Can you mount a motorcycle tire yourself?

For motorcycle tire mounting and balancing, allow yourself at least a couple of hours to finish the job. But if you’re like most first timers, it can easily stretch into a whole afternoon. … Use the tire bead breaker to “break the bead” (separate the bead from the rim).

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What is the best way to balance a motorcycle tire?

How To Balance a Motorcycle Tire by Yourself

  1. Mount your motorcycle wheel on the wheel balancer. Make sure your static balancer is sitting nice and level. …
  2. Check the wheel balance and mark the lighter side. …
  3. Add counterweights to the lighter side of the wheel. …
  4. Recheck the wheel balance after adding the counterweights.

Where does the yellow dot go when mounting a tire?

The yellow dots should be aligned with the valve stem on both steel and aluminum wheels since this is the wheel’s heavy balance point. This will help minimize the amount of weight needed to balance a tire and wheel assembly.

Does it matter which side of a tire faces out?

On standard tires with symmetrical tread patterns, it does not matter which way the tire is fitted on the rim and in which position it is fitted on the car. … This side of the tire must be on the outside, and the tire must roll forwards in the direction of the arrow for optimum tire performance.

Which side of a tire faces out?

Whether it’s directional or not, an asymmetric tire is designed to use one specific side as its outboard side. That side must always face outward regardless of any other positioning restrictions.