What do I need to Mot my motorbike?

What do I need to bring to an MOT?

The appointment letter; vehicle registration logbook V5C(NI); current tax disk; vehicle insurance certificate; previous MOT certificate; driving license; proof of address; service history; any current Certificate or Notice of Refusal; the bus fare home.

Does a motorbike need indicators for MOT?

Lights. Headlamp, sidelights, rear light, rear-registration-plate light, indicators and reflectors are checked during an MOT to ensure they work, and that they’re secure and undamaged. Brightness, position and direction of beam are tested, as well as the flash frequency of indicator lights – 60 to 120 times per minute.

How do I prepare my motorcycle for MOT?

Preparing your motorbike for its MOT test

  1. Lights. Check that all your lights and their controls are working properly. …
  2. Rear reflector. Make sure your bike has a rear reflector, without one you won’t pass your MOT test.
  3. Horn. Give it a blast and make sure it works.
  4. Petrol Cap. …
  5. Tyres. …
  6. Footrests. …
  7. Nuts and bolts. …
  8. Chain.

Do you need v5 for MOT?

If you’re taking your car to its first ever MOT, or its first MOT since a change of registration plates, you’ll need to take along your car’s V5C logbook. For all other MOTs, you don’t need to take your logbook.

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Do you get 14 days grace for an MOT?

You can get an MOT up to a month (minus a day) before it runs out and keep the same renewal date. Example If your MOT runs out on 15 May, the earliest you can get an MOT to keep the same renewal date for next year is 16 April.

Do garages fail MOT on purpose?

If a car is found to have a major defect the car can still be driven away to another garage to be fixed. … The comparison site said: “Garages are unable to prevent motorists from taking their car away. “Do your research before your MOT so that you can plan for a failure and what you will do.

What can fail a motorcycle MOT?

What is tested on a motorcycle MOT?

  • Lights. Almost two in five defects found during motorbike MOTs are related to lamps and reflectors – including almost half of all ‘major’ defects. …
  • Steering and suspension. …
  • Wheels and tyres. …
  • Frame. …
  • Braking. …
  • Exhaust system. …
  • Fuel system. …
  • Seats.

Can I ride my motorcycle to MOT without MOT?

The only times you can ride without an MoT is on the way to a pre-booked test or on the way to a place where the bike is booked in for repairs.

Can you insure a bike without an MOT?

Insurance is not reliant on an mot. No but riding without the MOT will invalidate the insurance unless you can prove you are on the way to the test station.

How much is a 125cc motorbike MOT?

There’s a maximum amount MOT test stations can charge. This depends on the type of vehicle. The maximum fee for a car is £54.85 and £29.65 for a standard motorcycle. You do not pay VAT on the fee.

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How long does an MOT take on a motorcycle?

MOT should take 30mins including brake testing etc. An Mot max price is set by Vosa at £27.15. If its only taking ten mins then they arent doing it properly.

Will a Decat bike pass MOT?

De-catting should be done at the same time as fitting a performance non road legal system for maximum gains IMO. As for MOT’s well my old Rover 220 has a de-cat pipe fitted, and passes it’s MOT just fine (at a friendly garage!