Should I wear earplugs when riding motorcycle?

Why should you wear earplugs when riding a motorcycle?

Earplugs are designed to remove the deep tones of wind noise, but still allow as much speech and other sounds through as possible. It’s inevitable that you will hear less with something plugging up your ear canal, but if you don’t wear earplugs, it won’t be long before you can’t hear anyway.

How do you protect your ears when riding a motorcycle?

We always say that if you’re riding any distance, stick in some ear plugs to protect your hearing.

  1. Control ear plugs.
  2. Motorbike Ear Plugs Test – Foam Plugs.
  3. Moldex 7600 Mellows (SNR 22)
  4. 3M E-A-R Classic (SNR 28)
  5. Moldex 7700 Pura-Fit (SNR 36)
  6. Howard Leight Bilsom 303L (SNR 33)
  7. 3M 1100 (SNR 37)

Can riding a motorcycle damage your hearing?


Motorcycle riders who are exposed to constant wind noise can suffer from hearing loss in the long term, which is permanent! Besides hearing loss, wind noise can also make riders feel fatigued more quickly and also affect the function of in-helmet intercommunications systems for riders who use them.

Are headphones illegal on a motorcycle?

The reason it’s difficult to find a clear answer on this is because headphones aren’t mentioned anywhere in NSW’s road rules; or any other state’s as far as we can tell. The good news is that using earphones while riding your bike is not prohibited in Australia.

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Do you need ear plugs with full face helmet?

Myth #3: You don’t need to wear hearing protection if you wear a full-face helmet. True, wearing a full-face helmet does cut exposure to sound, but to degree that is not significant with respect to hearing damage.

Do motorcycle helmets protect your hearing?

All motorcycles are hearing hazardous, but some are much louder than others. Helmets can actually amplify low-frequency wind noise. The more cuts in the helmet, the more wind noise. Except for a few, very expensive helmets, motorcycle helmets are NOT designed to protect hearing.

Do helmets protect hearing?

Filtering out wind and motor noise therefore has multiple benefits. Some helmets help reduce noise, but cannot do enough; your ears deserve the highest amount of protection possible. After all, once you’ve damaged your hearing, it’s irreversible – you’ll never get it back.

How do you stop wind noise in a motorcycle?

Adding extra padding to a motorcycle helmet is also a popular choice. Many riders also like to wear earmuffs underneath their helmets, and others will insert a piece of foam or fleece between their cheek pads or around their ears to muffle the noise of the wind and the road.