Quick Answer: How do I set my motocross to sag?

What should my dirtbike sag be?

The correct amount is approximately 33% of the bikes total available travel, usually between 95-115mm on full size bikes. The correct amount varies because of bike geometry, rider preference, and type of riding. The rider sag should be set with the rider in full gear.

How is race sag calculated?

Sag is calculated by averaging L2 and L3 and subtracting it from fully extended. With a Sag Master there is no need to subtract since the tape was locked and zeroed at full extension. Note: FREE SAG is the amount the bike compresses with the weight of the bike only – no rider. Use the same method as outlined for Sag.

How important is setting sag on dirt bike?

The sag on your motorcycle plays a key role in the balance and stability of your bike. When testing different sag heights for your weight, riding style and riding conditions, the ideal setting for you will feel stable while going down fast straightaways and also comfortable and easy to turn when coming into corners.

What’s more important static sag vs rider sag?

While rider sag is obviously the key measurement, static sag is just as important, especially when setting up a new bike for a particular rider as it will tell you if you have the correct spring rates installed. … You need to adjust the bike with the rider mounted first to be able to tell if the spring is right.

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How do you stop static sagging?

If you have too much sag, tighten up the front preload. Too little, and you’ll have to loosen the adjusters accordingly. One turn on the adjuster will usually change sag by about one millimeter. 4 Moving to the rear of the bike, extend the suspension and measure from the axle to a solid point directly above.

Does adding preload increase sag?

To recap, preload affects your suspension’s sag. “Adding” preload causes that end of the motorcycle to rise, and vice versa. However, it DOES NOT adjust the suspension’s stiffness. The “stiff” impression when you crank up the preload is due to the reduced the sag.

How much sag should I have?

For the rear shock – 20% – 30% sag is recommended. For the most part, this can be used across the board for trail bikes and downhill bikes. Again, keep in mind you may want more or less sag depending on your bike, weight, and riding preferences. For the front fork- 10% sag is recommended.

How much sag is trail riding?

The amount of recommended sag will vary depending on the type of bike that you ride. Typically, enduro/trail bikes fall between 25% – 35% recommended sag, while downhill bikes can be up to 40% recommended sag.

What is sag measurement?

What Is Sag? In the simplest sense, your bike’s sag is a ride-height measurement. It’s the starting point for how tall or squatted the rear end of your bike will feel when you take it onto the track or trail. The importance of the sag has to do with the balance of the bike in action.

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