Question: What Is The Motorcycle Diaries about?

What Is The Motorcycle Diaries based on?

The Motorcycle Diaries, which is based on memoirs written by Granado and by Guevara, who would become the revolutionary “El Che,” is structured as an inspirational road movie in which Ernesto “discovers” himself in the process of witnessing social injustice.

Why is Motorcycle Diaries rated R?

“The Motorcycle Diaries” is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian) for strong language and sexual references. … This film is rated R. WITH: Gael García Bernal (Ernesto Guevara de la Serna), Rodrigo de la Serna (Alberto Granado) and Mía Maestro (Chichina Ferreyra).

What happened to Chichina in motorcycle Diaries?

After leaving Buenos Aires but before beginning their trip in earnest, Ernesto and Alberto visit Ernesto’s girlfriend Chichina at her summer house. … However, Comeback almost dies several times on the way to Chichina’s summer house, falling off the motorcycle and refusing to eat.

What does Ernesto do with the $15 dollars he had to buy Chichina a bathing suit?

They have a flat and change the tire. In the process, Ernesto accidentally flashes some paper money. It is $15 Chichina has given him to buy her a bathing suit if they make it to the U.S. Ernesto says the money is off limits. They spin out on a rough dirt road.

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What does Ernesto do with the $15?

He desperately asks Ernesto for his $15, but Ernesto reveals that he gave the money to the mining couple in the Atacama desert.