In which year did it become compulsory for UK motorcycle riders to wear a helmet when riding?

When did it become illegal to ride a motorbike without a helmet?

When did crash helmets become compulsory? The UK crash helmet law was introduced on 7 February 1973 and debated at the House of Commons on 5 April 1973. The law was finally put into operation on 1 June 1973.

Is it illegal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet UK?

By law you must wear a safety helmet when riding a motorcycle or quad bike on the road. All helmets sold in the UK must either: meet with British Standard BS 6658:1985 and carry the BSI Kitemark. meet with UNECE Regulation 22.05.

Is it illegal to have a gopro on your helmet UK?

The law in Britain states that a camera can be attached to a helmet using a bracket but cannot be secured by drilling holes in the shell, as that compromises the integrity of the head gear.

What is the law on motorbike helmets?

Wearing a safety helmet is a legal requirement for moped and motorcycle riders – this includes passengers on a pillion seat, but not those in a sidecar. … Your helmet must meet strict standards with regard to its durability and the protection it will offer if you fall off your bike.

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Can you wear a military helmet on a motorcycle?

– Military personnel at any time, on or off a DoD installation, are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment when riding as the operator or as a passenger of a motorcycle. … The DOT sets minimum standards that helmets sold for motorcycling on public streets must meet.

Are ECE helmets legal in UK?

The ECE 22.05 standard has been the legal test for helmets since 2000, and it’s now being upgraded to – yes – ECE 22.06, with changes kicking off later this year. Before we start – the ECE is nothing to do with the European Union, so won’t be affected by the UK leaving the EU.

Is it illegal to not wear helmet?

Protect your head. Bicycle riders are required by law to wear an approved helmet securely fitted and fastened. In NSW there are no exemptions from wearing an approved bicycle helmet. … A bicycle helmet that is not correctly fitted and fastened does not provide enough protection in a crash.