How often should you get your motorcycle serviced?

Should I service my motorcycle every year?

The best option is to check your owner’s manual. In here, the manufacturer should provide guidelines on when it needs to get serviced. Typically, you will be required to take it in once you clock up a specific number of miles, or once a year if you do not reach that distance before then.

How much does it cost to service a motorbike?

Regular maintenance should be done every 8,000-32,000 kilometres on your motorcycle. This type of maintenance may include checking the brakes, battery, oil changes, chain maintenance and can cost up to $1,000 in a single year.

What does a major motorcycle service include?

Includes: Flush and replace engine oil; Replace oil filter; Check, adjust, clean and lube chain; Lube all pivot points/cables; Check braking system / abs system; Check cooling system; Check charging system; Check all electronics; Check tyre pressures and adjust; Test ride and full final check of bike.

Do motorcycles need a lot of maintenance?

Regardless of which bike you go with, motorcycles can cost more to maintain than cars since they require service and maintenance more frequently. … A new bike will likely have little to no repair needs and will last for three or more years under normal riding conditions.

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How do I service my own motorcycle?

Refill the engine with the recommended amount of new oil. Start the bike, check for leaks and stop the engine again. Give it five minutes for the oil to drain back into the sump before checking the level again. Add oil if necessary or remove some with an oil syringe.

What does it mean to service a motorcycle?

The frequency of servicing your motorcycle includes getting your oil changed as well as lubing and checking the tension on the chain every 4,000 miles or every six months (whichever comes first), checking the tire pressure every month, and tuning the carburetor and flushing the cooling system on water cooled engines …

What is tested on a motorcycle MOT?

The MOT tester will check that your bike’s wheels and tyres are right for the bike, and that they’re fitted correctly and securely. They’ll check: nuts, bolts, studs, spindles and hubs; tread depth of the tyres; condition of valves; and signs of corrosion, distortion or damage.