How is motorcycle SAG calculated?

How is SAG percentage calculated?

To calculate your sag percentage, divide the static travel by the total length of the shock and multiply by 100. Most manufacturers recommend that you set your sag somewhere between 25 to 35 percent.

What should my rider sag be?

Ideal rider sag can range from 25mm to 40mm or more, depending on the bike and how you intend to use it. A good rule of thumb is to aim for 30mm for street use, and 25mm for track use. 9. The sag amount is adjusted by adding or removing spring preload front and rear.

How is SAG fork calculated?

Measure the distance between the scraper lip and the o-ring or zip tie, and divide that by the total active travel of your shock or fork. Note: With TALAS forks, always set sag at the highest TALAS travel setting.

How much sag is trail riding?

The amount of recommended sag will vary depending on the type of bike that you ride. Typically, enduro/trail bikes fall between 25% – 35% recommended sag, while downhill bikes can be up to 40% recommended sag.

How important is rider sag?

While rider sag is obviously the key measurement, static sag is just as important, especially when setting up a new bike for a particular rider as it will tell you if you have the correct spring rates installed. … You need to adjust the bike with the rider mounted first to be able to tell if the spring is right.

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What should free sag be?

How much free sag should there be? Free sag should be between 30mm and 40mm. If you have more than 40mm of free sag, your shock spring is too stiff. Less than 30mm and your spring is too soft.

How do you know if your race is sag?

To determine rider sag put your bike on a stand with the wheels off the ground and measure the distance from the rear axle to a fixed point near the rear fender/side panel. The fixed point should be along the arc that the axle travels when the shock is compressed.

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What is sag measurement?

What Is Sag? In the simplest sense, your bike’s sag is a ride-height measurement. It’s the starting point for how tall or squatted the rear end of your bike will feel when you take it onto the track or trail. The importance of the sag has to do with the balance of the bike in action.