How do you calculate the lean angle of a motorcycle?

How is motorcycle lean angle measured?

The angle of lean can be calculated using the laws of circular motion. θ is the angle of lean (radians), ν The forward speed (m/s), g the Standard gravity, and r the radius of the turn (in meters). Then, it’s the “Lean angle due to a tire thickness”.

How do you find a lean angle?

The actual lean angle must be measured from the center of mass to the center of the contact area, which will be to the inside of the tire. So the apparent lean angle — using a line parallel to the forks, say — will be greater than the actual lean angle, using the center of the contact area of the tire.

What Harley has the most lean angle?

It turns out the 2016 Road King has the largest lean angle of ANY Harley-Davidson in the current line-up. Ok, it may only be 32.1 degrees but somehow it made a world of difference in my riding style.

How low can you go on a motorcycle?

The ground clearance factor means there’s also a limit to how much you can lower a sportbike. Nearly all of the suspension technicians we spoke with said for riders who don’t intend to drag race, 1.5 inches is the limit they would be comfortable with for shortening suspension.

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