How do I meet other mountain bikers?

What is the average age of mountain bikers?

The bulk of Singletracks readers (and by rough extension, mountain bikers) are aged 24-44: 49% compared to just 30.2% of the US population at large. But even folks aged 45-64 are over-represented among mountain bikers: 26% compared to just 22% of the US population.

What percentage of mountain bikers are male?

The Outdoor Participant Report by the Outdoor Industry Association reported that of the participants in outdoor recreation last year, only 46 percent were female and 54 percent were male (2018).

How do I find my bike rider?

The 4 Best Ways to Find a Group Bike Ride

  1. Check With Your Local Bike Shop. A local bike shop, or LBS, is often the hub (see what I did there?) of any biking community. …
  2. Hook Up With a Cycling Club. USA Cycling is the best resource for finding a local cycling club. …
  3. Join a Meetup Group. …
  4. Ask Your Local Bike Advocacy Group.

What is a bike buddy?

Bike buddies are experienced bike commuters that want to help others to learn the way. Often, the biggest barrier to commuting by bike is finding a route that feels safe. It can also be used to connect current bike commuters together for those looking for a better route or just a more social ride. …

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How do I find a riding group?

5 Ways to Find the Group Ride of Your Dreams

  1. Check Your Local Bike Shop. Getty Images. The first stop when hunting for a cycling squad should be your local bike shop. …
  2. Get Social (Media) Getty Images. …
  3. Show Up … and Show Up Again. …
  4. Don’t Force It. Getty Images. …
  5. Try Cyclocross. Getty Images.

Is 60 too old to mountain bike?

If your body is frail, it’s not likely to be wise to go throwing yourself down a gnarly downhill trail – but in fact many forms of mountain biking can be excellent exercise for people of all ages, even right into their 70s.

How many mountain bikers are there?

Mountain biking is a very popular activity in the U.S., with nearly 40 million participants annually.

How many mountain bikers are there in the United States?

This statistic shows the number of participants in mountain/non-paved surface bicycling in the United States from 2011 to 2020. In 2020, the number of participants (aged six years and above) in mountain/non-paved surface biking amounted to approximately nine million.

Why is mountain biking so fun?

Mountain bikers get a fantastic full body physical workout. Very regular exercise – after all it’s just fun to get out on the bike, and as fitness increases, so does the enjoyment. Mountain biking gets you out in nature, experiencing the world.