How do I lock my moped?

How do I keep my moped from being stolen?

Secure your scooter to an immovable object with a heavy-duty lock and chain. Good objects to use are light poles and bike racks. Do not use objects that are short because thieves can lift your scooter over these objects and avoid structures that can easily be cut down such as street signs.

Where can I lock my moped?

When using a shackle style disc lock, place the shackle towards the center of the disc brake. When using your primary lock, whether it be a chain or U-lock, it’s important to capture both the immovable object, and the frame of the scooter.

Should you lock your moped?

Always use the steering lock and remove the ignition keys, even if you are close by or away for a few minutes. It only takes a few seconds for a thief so don’t make it easy for them. Never rely on just using your steering lock to secure your bike as thieves can break the steering lock and simply wheel the bike away.

Are mopeds easy to steal?

A thief can steal your scooter in less than 20 seconds!

However, as with any vehicle, it’s always important to take the time to properly lock your scooter to protect against theft and prevent this crime from reoccurring.

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Are motorcycles stolen often?

The unfortunate reality is that motorcycles are stolen more frequently and less likely to be recovered than cars as they are often broken down and sold for parts.

Can you lock a mobility scooter?

Use a wheel clamp or lock. It’s possible to buy a wheel clamp to lock the wheels and prevent the scooter from being rolled away.

Can you lock a Segway scooter?

What’s more, the Segway Ninebot Scooter Lock is made from top-quality braided steel wire which is known for its strength and flexibility.

Super safe when idle with the Segway Scooter Lock.

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