Frequent question: Who manufactures AJS motorcycles?

Are AJS and Matchless the same?

Matchless Motorcycles and AJS Motorcycles were, for most of their history, essentially rebadged versions of the same machines. Collectively owned by Associated Motor Cycles (AMC), the two brands were operated like Ford & Mercury, or Dodge & Plymouth, in an early version of “badge engineering”.

What has happened to Norton motorcycles?

Norton Motorcycles has been sold to Indian motorcycle giant TVS Motor Company in a £16million cash deal that will see manufacturing remain in the UK, while those who paid deposits will finally receive their bikes.

What does AJS mean?

Acronym. Definition. AJS. Administration of Justice and Security.

Do they still make BSA motorcycles?

You can now add BSA to the list of storied British brands being brought back from the dead. Birmingham Small Arms was founded in 1861 and originally made guns at its Small Heath factory. … The company moved into bicycles and then motorcycles in 1910.

What motorcycles are made in the UK?

Top 5 British Made Motorbikes

  • Brough Superior. Brough Superior motorcycles were made in Nottingham by George Brough for 21 years, from 1919 to 1940. …
  • Triumph Bonneville. …
  • Hesketh. …
  • Royal Enfield Bullet. …
  • Métisse.
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