Frequent question: What happens if motorcycle chain is loose?

Can you ride a bike with a loose chain?

Just be very smooth with the throttle no sharp acceleration or changes in speed and you should be okay*. Have a look at quite how loose it is before going, if its really loose then you’ll need to be more careful when riding but as long as the chain is still one piece then you can ride just being appropriately careful.

How long can you ride a motorcycle with a loose chain?

you can ride on it until it falls off the sprocket, locks up your back wheel, and throws you off putting you into a hospital bed. up here if you have a loose chain, they’ll fail you for safety and you won’t get your license. i wouldn’t risk it. find the 5 minutes it takes to do it and just do it.

How often should you tighten motorcycle chain?

You should check and adjust your chain every 500 miles (805 km), and more often for a dirt bike. It’s also a great time to look for kinks or rust, and to give your chain a quick cleaning and lubrication, too.

Does a motorcycle chain get tighter when you sit on the bike?

Premium Member. The reason the chain gets more tight, as you sit on the bike, is the distance between the sprockets gets longer as you compress the rear suspension. This makes the chain get tighter. It’s just how it is, on almost every bike.

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What would a loose drive chain cause?

In extreme cases, a loose chain can jump off the sprocket and become wedged in the rear wheel. This could cause serious loss of control and result in a crash.

Does a loose chain affect performance?

A loose chain will cause it to strech faster because it is snapping tight that much more.

How do I know if my chain is too loose?

To find out whether your chain is too long take a look at it from the side with your eyes being level with the chain. A loose chain will sag close to or below the chainstays as the chain hangs between the rear cogs and chainring. The chain might skip as you pedal, or even drop off the gears.