Does Tomos make mopeds?

Are Tomos mopeds still being made?

Tomos mopeds ceased production in 2013 but had a brief comeback, thanks in part to Tomos America, in 2017/2018. Tomos mopeds are also produced in Epe, the Netherlands, and have been since 1966.

How much does a Tomos moped cost?

A – Our new TOMOS mopeds start at $1,700 and come with a 6-month warranty. Used mopeds start around $1,100 and go up in price depending on the model and it’s features.

Do they make mopeds anymore?

there’s a small bike market, mopeds don’t fill it anymore. scooters are more convenient, and 50 shifties fill the bigger euro teen market for those opposed to the style or ride of scooters.

How fast do Tomos mopeds go?

It does 45 mph.

Are Tomos mopeds 2 stroke?

In early 1960s, market research showed that the interest in heavy motorcycles was decreasing all over Europe so Tomos altered its range of motorcycles and focused exclusively on the production of two stroke 50 cm3 motorcycles. … Now, for the first time in 30 years, Tomos mopeds are back in the UK.

Are Tomos mopeds reliable?

Re: Tomos reliability

My ’03 Tomos has been totally reliable, and has never broken down in over 10,000 miles, with 2 exceptions.

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How reliable are mopeds?

As to its reliability, mopeds are reliable regardless of brand and added features. Proper maintenance is still the number one factor that contributes to the reliability of any type of vehicle.

Do you need insurance for a moped?

Even though liability insurance is required for a motorcycle in all but a handful of states, liability insurance for a moped isn’t required in 26 states. However, if you lease or finance your moped, your lender will most likely require you to insure your moped.

How much does a Tomos moped weigh?

2005 Tomos LX specifications, pictures, reviews and rating

General moped information
Dry weight: 51.0 kg (112.5 pounds)
Power/weight ratio: 0.0472 HP/kg
Fuel capacity: 3.97 litres (1.05 US gallons)
Other specifications