Do you need lessons to ride a moped?

Can you ride a moped without training?

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

If you passed a car test before February 2001 you can legally ride a 49cc moped with a passenger. … Anyone else must take a basic motorcycle training course called Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

What do I need to ride a moped using a learners?

The Learner must:

  1. Mopeds. Be at least 16 years old. …
  2. Motorcycles. Be at least 17 years old. …
  3. Insurance. The learner driver must be insured to ride their moped or motorcycle. …
  4. Eyesight. …
  5. Provisional Licence. …
  6. Motorcycle categories, minimum ages and licence requirements from 19 January 2013. …
  7. Direct Access Scheme (DAS) …
  8. Staged Access.

Can you ride a moped on a motorway?

After you have obtained your CBT certificate, you will be entitled to ride any motorcycle or scooter up to 125cc. This entitlement lasts for 2 years and you will not be able to take passengers or go on motorways. You must also display L – plates. … You must display L-plates, cannot carry passengers or go on motorways.

Can I carry a passenger on a 50cc moped?

If you have a full car licence issued before 1st February 2001 you may ride a restricted 50cc moped on the road without L plates (and carry a passenger), but you still need to pass your CBT test to ride any motorcycle over 50cc.

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How far can you travel on a moped?

Mopeds are 50cc by definition. Typically they have a range of 120-150 miles.

How long does it take to learn to ride a moped?

You’re trained until your instructor is satisfied you understand the theory and practical skills. Training’s usually one or two days long and once completed you can get out on the road without supervision on a 50cc moped for 16 year olds or a 125cc motorbike if you’re aged 17+.

Is getting a moped worth it?

Whether it’s new or used, getting a scooter as a first-time buyer is usually cheaper than buying a car. Of course, this all depends on year, make, model, engine size and other factors, but buying a scooter instead of a car can save you money. … Scooters and motorcycles are also far cheaper to tax than cars.

How much does a moped cost?

How much is a moped? A 50cc moped can be purchased pretty cheaply. I found several listings under $1,000 just by doing a simple Google search. Only a few were priced above $1,000, so it’s fairly safe to say that buying a moped outright will be significantly cheaper than buying a car.

Do mopeds have gears?

A scooter, otherwise known as a ‘twist and go’ is exactly that. There is no manual gear or clutch and they are therefore regarded as easier to ride.

Can I learn Scooty without knowing cycle?

It is always easier to learn driveing/riding a 2 wheeler if you can ride a cycle, as Balance is a prerequisite. Once you know how to balance and turn and control your body weight (using a cycle), learning how to drive a Scooty will be fun and easy.

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