Do I need a front motorcycle stand?

Do I need a front and rear stand for motorcycle?

According to Riding Motorcycles, the most important is the rear wheel stand because it is the most frequently used. They also caution that it’s a good idea to have a front stand handy for working on the chain and other activities.

Do I need a front paddock stand?

Front stands need to match your bike’s fork bottoms – some of which are uneven and don’t suit stands that use spigots. If you’ll be working on the bike, a front paddock stand that lifts from the headstock may be best.

Why put a motorcycle on a stand?

A motorcycle center-stand is intended primarily for maintenance work, not for routine parking of a bike. It allows you to get one (or both) of the wheels off the ground to enable chain maintenance or removing one or both of the wheels. By default (on most modern bikes) it is the rear wheel that is lifted.

What are swingarm spools?

These Swingarm Spools are designed for protecting your swingarm and axle nut in the event of a crash. They can also be used with a swingarm race stand to lift the rear wheel off of the ground for changing your tire, or oiling your chain .

What is the point of a paddock stand?

Essentially a simple lifting device on a pivot, which either mounts under the front forks, the headstock or on the rear swingarm, allows the user to lift the bike off the floor. Once off the floor, they are secure and stable, perfect if your bike doesn’t have a centre stand.

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Is it safe to leave bike on Paddock?

1. Leave the bike parked on the paddock stand. They say it’s healthier for your rear tyre and it should maintain it’s air-pressure longer if it’s parked for a week unused.