Can a Class 5 drive a motorcycle?

Can I ride a motorcycle with a Class 5 in BC?

Rules for using limited-speed motorcycles

You can ride one if you have a full-privilege Class 5 or 7 passenger vehicle licence (except learner’s licence). A motorcycle licence is not required but you must always wear a helmet. You’re also subject to the same rights and duties as the driver of a motor vehicle.

Can I drive a motorcycle with a Class 5 license in Alberta?

To drive a motorcycle, you must hold a Class 6 licence. A Class 6 licence also allows you to drive all Class 5 motor vehicles as a learner.

What can you drive with a Class 5 in Alberta?

A Class 5 driver’s licence allows you to drive most cars, trucks or vans by yourself.


  • a 2-axle single motor vehicle.
  • a motor home without airbrakes unless you hold an air brake certificate.
  • tow a trailer with one or more axles if the trailer is not equipped with airbrakes.

Can I drive a motorbike on a category A Licence?

Does category “A” on your motorbike mean you can ride a motorbike? In short, yes it does. Category A entitlement means you can ride any motorcycle, even with a passenger and on motorways.

Is it hard to get motorcycle license?

Getting your motorcycle endorsement is a rewarding experience, but the written and riding DMV tests can be nerve-racking or even downright impossible. … It’s pretty tough to pass the riding test if you don’t have anything to ride.

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Is lane splitting legal in Alberta?

So-called “lane-splitting” is illegal in the province, but many frustrated riders are skirting the law to avoid traffic bottlenecks. Proponents say the practice will ease congestion and speed up traffic flow for everyone on the road.

Can you drive a motorcycle in Alberta without a license?

A valid class 6 operator’s licence is required to operate a motorcycle on a public roadway without a supervising rider. … A road test permit must be purchased for a road test. Test permits are available at most Alberta Registry Agent offices.

What is a Class 5 license equivalent to in Ontario?

In Ontario, the equivalent of a class 5 license is G class.

What does class 5 GDL mean?

The Class 5 GDL is a probationary licence that allows new drivers the time and space to practice their driving skills while adhering to some key licence restrictions. These Alberta Class 5 GDL restrictions are designed to maintain maximum safety for all road users.

What is a Class 5 vehicle?

What is a Class 5 Vehicle? A class 5 vehicle are those of private passenger vehicles, motor caravans, ambulances and dual-purpose vehicles in all cases with 13 or more passenger seats. A class 5 light vehicle (5L) is a smaller class 5 that is limited to 5,000kg design gross weight (DGW).