Synternet (SYNT) Mainnet Kicks off on Cosmos (ATOM): Details


  • Modular blockchain Synternet (SYNT) launches mainnet as Monaco stage is over
  • SYNT token staking process activated


Synternet (SYNT), a programmable blockchain that fuels modular data infrastructure in chain-agnostic systems, has announced the launch of its mainnet on Cosmos (ATOM). Besides tech enhacements, the launch is set to unlock the full potential of Synternet’s token, SYNT.

Modular blockchain Synternet (SYNT) launches mainnet as Monaco stage is over

According to the official statement shared by its team, Synternet (SYNT) blockchain rolled out its mainnet version in Cosmos (ATOM) ecosystem. The milestone that signals about the completion of its Monaco phase paves the way to a new era for the decentralized data economy.

Synternet’s mainnet launch enables the practical utilization of SYNT cryptocurrency and progresses its growth-focused Pikes Peak roadmap. It also allows developers to deploy and maintain innovative apps that use the power of real-time, trustless data streams from mainstream smart contract platforms.

Synternet CTO Jonas Simanavicius highlights the paramount importance of the transition to mainnet for developers and users of the Tendermint ecosystem:

The launch of Synternet’s mainnet on Cosmos is not just a technical milestone – it’s the beginning of a new era for the decentralized data economy. With SYNT, we’re providing real utility, enabling users to pay for data services at reduced fees and fostering a more inclusive and efficient ecosystem.

As explained by Synternet (SYNT) contributors, Cosmos (ATOM) ecosystem was chosen thanks to reduced gas fees and faster transaction processing compared to other networks, underlining the project’s commitment to democratizing data access.

SYNT token staking process activated

CEO Daniel Haudenschild stresses that the activation of Synternet (SYNT) mainnet changes the way data is monetized within the global Web3 ecosystem:

The mainnet launch is a key event for Synternet, signifying the realization of our vision for a decentralized data economy. With the SYNT token now powering monetary value for data, we’ve created meaningful opportunities for developers and businesses. As we celebrate this milestone, we also look forward to the future growth and expansion outlined in our Pikes Peak roadmap.

From the onset of the blockchain’s mainnet operations, users can leverage SYNT to access and pay for real-time data streams from various publishers across multiple chains.

Synternet also offers an attractive staking mechanism for token holders, who can additionally vote on proposals and have a say in protocol upgrades, feature prioritization and resource allocation.


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