Bitcoin Community Speculates About Michael Dell Buying Bitcoin

The Bitcoin community has been busy speculating about billionaire Michael Dell potentially buying the biggest cryptocurrency.  


This comes after the founder of one of the biggest tech companies indicated that he prefers actions over words on his social media profile. 

Danny Scott, the CEO and co-founder of UK-based cryptocurrency exchange CoinCorner, recently tweeted that “everything” is pointing to a Bitcoin buy. 

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Dell has been teasing the Bitcoin community with rather ambiguous social media posts for quite a while. It all started with him posting about scarcity on his social profile, which appeared to be a rather obvious reference to the largest cryptocurrency that derives its value from its limited supply. He then went on to post an AI-generated picture of Cookie Monster, a Muppet on the popular children’s television show Sesame Street, voraciously gobbling up Bitcoins. 


Dell then posted a poll about “the most important thing,” and Bitcoin (unsurprisingly) managed to win that poll, surpassing all the other options. The centibillionaire responded to the results of the poll with the “Apparently Kid” meme. 

It is worth noting that Dell originally started accepting the cryptocurrency back in 2014 when it was relatively obscure. Despite dropping support for Bitcoin in 2017, Dell’s recent posts indicate renewed interest in the top cryptocurrency by market cap. 


Cryptocurrency analyst Matthew Hyland believes that Dell’s most recent social media post indicates that he might follow the example of MicroStrategy co-founder Michael Saylor by purchasing Bitcoin.  


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