Your question: What does a yellow bicycle sign mean?

What is the sign of bicycle?

Bicycle in baby sign language is a natural sign: it looks like you are pedaling a bicycle with your feet. Make both hands into fists, then make vertical circles in the air in front of your body.

What does a blue bicycle sign mean?

Blue circles give mandatory instructions. Somewhat confusingly, ‘mandatory’ doesn’t mean that cyclists must use this route; it means that only cyclists may use it and that other road users must not. … If there’s a pedestrian and child on the sign too it means it’s a shared route for pedestrians and cyclists only.

What do triangular signs mean?

Triangle signs – usually white with a red border – are here to let you know that you’re approaching a hazard or a place to stop. … An exclamation mark in a triangular sign means ‘other danger‘ and will describe the hazard on a white sign below – a hidden dip will be presented like this, for example.

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