You asked: Why is my bike chain locking?

How do you unstick a chain?

To fix this by hand, simply work the plates loose by twisting the chain up and down the same way it was meant to. Then point the stiff link upward and firmly grab the closest connecting points on either side. Now twist the chain side to side, the way it was not supposed to bend.

Why is my bike pedaling but not moving?

One possibility is that the hub’s freewheel mechanism has broken. Maybe it’s fixable with some spare parts or you may need a new freewheel hub body or a new hub altogether. Your LBS will be able to assess the situation.

Why won’t my bike pedals turn?

Some basic troubleshooting you can do: Hold the bike of the ground, slowly turn the cranks forward and backwards by hand, look to see what they might be catching on. Sometimes the front derailleur gets rotated around the seat tube and sticks out into the path of the right crank arm.

Why bicycle does not move backward?

The freewheel allows forward pedalling to lock and drive the bike, but spins freely when reversed. Some BMX style bikes (and kids bikes) have coaster brakes, where if you pedal backwards (well usually they do not actually pedal backwards, just the motion is begun) and it brakes the bike.

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