You asked: Is Specialised a good bike brand?

Which brand is better Trek or Specialized?

There isn’t a clear winner. Both offer similar bikes and components in the same price range. Trek has a wider variety of bikes to choose from compared to Specialized. At entry-level, you get slightly better parts when you go with Specialized.

Where are Specialised bikes made?

Who Makes What?

Name Country Other brands
Merida Taiwan Specialized
Scott South Korea Yoko, Syncros
Koga Miyata Netherlands Batavus, Lapierre, Van Nicholas, Mercier, Raleigh, Ghost
Giro USA Bell, Blackburn, Bollé, Camelbak

How does Trek bikes compare to Specialized bikes?

The main differences between Trek vs Specialized MTB are: Trek bikes use a full-floater and active breaking pivot rear-suspension system, whereas Specialized MTB use Future Shock Rear. Trek offers entry-level bikes that tend to be expensive, whereas Specialized MTB come more affordable.

Why is there a bike shortage?

The current bike shortage is the result of a demand surge coinciding with a “supply-chain nightmare,” he said. “The side effects and collateral damage continues to this day.” It’s a running theme this summer.

What bike brands are made in Taiwan?

Six Taiwan Excellence award winning cycling brands showcase latest innovations

  • Merida. Merida, one of Taiwan’s most prominent high-end bicycle and e-bike manufacturers, introduced the 4th generation of its all-rounder aero bike, Reacto. …
  • KMC. …
  • Novatec. …
  • Maxxis. …
  • Dizo bikes. …
  • Pacific Cycles. …
  • Peek into the future.
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