You asked: Are Haro Bikes good?

Are Haro bikes made in China?

Haro – a California BMX company started in 1977 by Bob Haro. All production comes from Asia. Haro owns the Masi brand. Kenstone, with factories in Tawan and China, is a key supplier.

Where are Haro bikes made?

Production and Refinement

Full production of the Haro Freestyler began in around July of 1982 at the workshop of Torker BMX, In Fullerton, Orange County.

Is Haro a Walmart brand?

Brand: Haro Bikes –

How much does a Haro bike cost?

The South Shore’s most complete bicycle shop, for 31 years and counting.

Premium Products
STRAY Matte Black, Cadet Blue $349.99
INSPIRED Matte Grey, Cherry Cola $399.99

What does Haro mean?

Interjection. haro. (obsolete) An exclamation of distress; alas. (Channel Islands) A call for help, a demand for protection against harm, or for assistance to arrest an adversary.

Is Masi a good bike brand?

They’re good bikes and worth the price. They’re not magical but worth the money, as you should be able to see they’re priced in that competitive range like most other bike brands with very similar products. They’re just less common but they’re not crappy in any way.

Who is Haro owned by?

At the end of five years, Bob left Haro Bikes and started a graphic design company. In 1993, the company was sold again, this time to a group of investors headed by Jim Ford, a Vice President at Haro Bikes since 1981.

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Which is better Haro or trek?

The Haro has better components than the Trek. Both are probably equally durable and upgradeable. They both use pretty standard parts so you can upgrade either one easily. trek has a good warranty policy, im not too familiar with haro’s warranty.

Is Mongoose a good bike brand?

The truth is that Mongoose offers great price to performance for beginners, and still makes some of the best high-performance bikes available for people with a bigger budget. All you have to know is what you’re looking for and make sure it’s suited to your needs as a cyclist.