Why can’t you go through a drive through on a bike?

Can you cycle through a drive through?

This means you can’t cycle or walk through a drive-thru. … “However, for everyone’s safety, we absolutely cannot serve people who are not in road-going motor vehicles, and we would ask customers to refrain from attempting to use the drive-thru lane in any other manner.”

Can you go through a McDonalds drive through on a bike?

You don’t need to remove your helmet. Mates of mine years ago had a front door and rear door of an old car, they walked through the drive through holding the doors and making car noises. The reactions were priceless. McDonalds have a no vehicle, no service policy for drive through.

Can you go through Starbucks drive-thru on a bike?

When in doubt, please use the Store Locator in your Starbucks app or visit sbux.co/3aajISp . Can I use through drive-thru with bicycle or on foot? … For your safety, only motor vehicles are allowed through the Drive-Thru.

Can you go through a Taco Bell drive through on a bike?

Yeah, we can’t serve you on a bike.”

Why can’t I walk through a drive thru?

Pedestrian. Pedestrians sometimes attempt to walk through the drive-through to order food after the seated section of a fast-food restaurant has closed. Many establishments refuse drive-through service to pedestrians for safety, insurance, and liability reasons.

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Do Mcdonalds drive-thru have cameras?

While some McDonald’s have just one drive-through, others can have up to four lanes, with one staffer responsible for multiple orders. … A TikTok video – shared by user @katieeclarkee – explains the fast-food restaurant have cameras installed in the drive-through area.

Why don’t drive thrus serve bikes?

Safety Concerns

A major reason why many businesses do not allow cyclists through their drive-through is out of concern for the safety of the cyclist.

Can you go through a drive-thru on a bike in Texas?

Are bicycles allowed through Drive Thru? McDonald’s supports the health and environmental benefits of cycling, however it is our practice not to serve cyclists using the drive-thru lane or drive-thru service windows.

Can electric scooters go through drive-thru?

If your “electric scooter” is not street-legal, like a motorized wheelchair, then you are a pedestrian, and not allowed in the drive thru lane.