Which has greater momentum a car or a bike moving at the same speed?

Is bike and car speed same?

There will be no difference at all. As speed is universal standard for every moving objects, doesn’t matter its a Car, Bike, Plane, Rocket, wind and etc etc. If a bike and a car started from the same point at the identical time and both are at the speed of 60 km/hr then both will move parallel.

How can a bicycle and a car have the same momentum?

For a truck and a bike to have the same momentum, the mass of the vehicle times the velocity of the vehicle must be the same for both of them. Therefore, the lighter, less massive bike will have a much higher velocity than the truck.

When you ride a bicycle at full speed which has the greater momentum you or the bike Why?

You have more momentum, because you a the bike are travelling at the same speed, but you have much more mass. You therefore have more inertia, and require much more force than the bike to come to a stop.

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What has more momentum a truck or motorcycle?

The motorcycle will accelerate at a greater rate because the truck has a greater mass (greater resistance to a change in speed.) This increased rate of acceleration is mathematically proven by the formula a= F/m, which states acceleration is inversely proportional to the mass.

Can a bike corner faster than a car?

Yep. Bikes can out accelerate a car due to much higher power to weight ratio, but cars definitely have the advantage in corners.

Is power bike faster than a car?

A bike will get to its top speed quicker, because the power/weight ratio is so much better than a car. But in a sustained straight line, a good sports car or muscle car could overtake a moto.

Which is difficult to stop a moving truck or a moving bicycle Why?

Answer: It is because of inertia. Inertia is the property of a body by which it opposes changes in its state of rest or motion.

Can a small car have the same momentum as a large truck?

Is it possible for a small car to have the same momentum as a large truck? Yes, the small car would have to be moving with a much higher velocity, but it can have the same momentum since momentum is mass times velocity.

What does it mean to say that momentum is conserved?

Conservation of momentum, general law of physics according to which the quantity called momentum that characterizes motion never changes in an isolated collection of objects; that is, the total momentum of a system remains constant.

When you apply brakes to the moving bicycle then what type of motion it has?

Answer: When we apply a break, the bicycle undergoes a change in it’s motion due to friction and gradually when the friction between the bicycle and the surface in contact increases than it’s motion the bicycle stops in just a moment.

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Is riding a bike a balanced force?

When you ride a bike the force of the friction of the tires against the road is greater than the opposing force of friction with the air. The bicycle moves forward. This is an example of unbalanced forces.