Where can I get a new bike in death stranding?

How do you get another vehicle in death stranding?

First off, you can take them from the garage at any station where you can fabricate vehicles. Other players can choose to store their vehicles when they arrive at a station and pay it forward to other players. It’s well worth doing yourself as other players will give you likes simply for riding your disbanded vehicle.

Do you get a bike in death stranding?

How to get your first bike in Death Stranding by using a generator at the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City. On arrival to Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City in Episode 2, you’ll notice a bike sitting outside. … Once built, the bike will charge up, allowing you to take it on the road.

When can you use bike in death stranding?

One of the most popular ways of exploring the world here is via a bike. They are reasonably easy to get and pretty fast, which makes them a perfect choice. In fact, you will be able to come across your first bike when during Episode 2 when you finally reach the Distribution Center that’s located near Capital Knot City.

Is there fast travel in death stranding?

Fast travel in Death Stranding is an ability that won’t be available to you until you unlock Episode 3. This means you’ll have to play through all of Episode 2 without it, meaning charging the bike is all the more important.

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How do you get the battery for motorcycle death stranding?

You’re then tasked with making the long trek back to Capital Knot City. However, once you make it back to Distribution Center, place a generator next to the Reverse Trike to charge up its battery, which will repair the bike for you to use.