Where are Aventon Ebikes made?

Are Aventon bikes made in USA?

Aventon ebikes are made in China in our own Factory, with further assembly and inspection in our Southern California HeadQuarters USA.

Are Himiway bikes made in USA?

Welcome to the Himiway Bike Community! Our ebikes are mainly manufactured in Asia.

How long does it take Aventon to ship?

11. Shipping. Current shipping time is 3-5 business days.

Do Aventon bikes come assembled?

EASY TO ASSEMBLE: No need to worry about assembling! We’ve included all the tools you will need to assemble your brand new ebike. The Pace 350 is designed to have minimal assembly and we will be here to guide you through every step.

When did e bikes become popular?

One of the first commercially successful e-bike models appeared in 1997 with the name “Select”. Year after that there was over 49 different e-bike models available on the market. In the early 2000s, two big Japanese companies Yamaha and Panasonic became their worldwide mass production.

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