When should I service my mountain bike suspension?

How do I know when to service my mountain bike suspension?

How Often Should Mountain Bike Suspension Components be Serviced?

  1. It feels dry. …
  2. The fork or shock begins to feel harsh, and loses small bump sensitivity. …
  3. The rebound and compression don’t seem to affect anything.

How often should I service my full suspension mountain bike?

If you are a regular mountain biker and ride steep, technical terrain, having your suspension serviced every 20 – 40 rides is recommended. For more recreational styles of mountain biking, once per year during an annual overhaul/tune-up is suggested.

When should a suspension be serviced?

Fox recommends that the minimum suspension fork and shock service is 125 hours of use, yearly, or whichever comes first. That is certainly on the longer side of things. Similar to changing the oil in your car, the more frequently you service your suspension, the better the fork will perform for longer.

When should I service my MTB forks?

Forks need regular periodic maintenance. We recommend cleaning and lubrication refills (lower leg service) every 25 riding hours, and a full service (strip down, seal replacement and full oil change) every 200 hours. The more frequent lower leg service can be carried out at home, by the experience home mechanic.

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How do I service my mountain bike myself?

Before Every Ride:

  1. Check your tire pressure. Make sure they are set exactly where you want them to be. …
  2. Check your brakes. …
  3. Check your shifting. …
  4. Check your pedals. …
  5. Check the fit. …
  6. Check your bolts and screws. …
  7. Check your skewers or thru-axles. …
  8. Inspect your bike.

What does a mountain bike service include?

They may include replacing cables and/or cable housing, bar tape, brake pads, actually truing the wheels (this can be a more time consuming job and may not be included in a basic tune-up), and perhaps even a bike wash.

How much does a shock service cost?

The basic rebuild service includes labor, new seals and new shock oil and services start at $75.00 per shock. If other parts such as bearings, shafts, and other components need to be replaced an Icon representative will call you and let you know the additional costs of these items.

How do I know if my forks need oil?

Registered. Some indicators for basic bath oil/seal service = leaking around seals, excessive oily dirt goo build up on top of seals that reappears on every ride, visible wear on stanchions(by that time it’s too late).

How often should I service my bike?

The recommended service interval for most bikes is 6 month for “regular” use (daily commuters), and 12 months for “light” use (occasional rides). If you use your bike regularly, your bike will need regular servicing.

How much does a mountain bike fork service cost?

Basic service is just that: basic. You will need some tools and supplies which will likely cost you $80-150 depending on what you got and what you want to do. For your annual service, you should do lowers service on the fork and your air can on the rear shock.

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How do I maintain my front suspension on my bike?

What You Can Do at Home

  1. Clean Your Fork and Shock After Every Ride. Completely clean your fork and rear shock after each and every ride. …
  2. Turn Your Bike Upside Down. You can also turn your bike upside down now and then for about 20 minutes at a time. …
  3. Install a Mudguard. …
  4. Inspect Your Stanchions Regularly.