When should I replace my bike cable housing?

How long do bike gear cables last?

5000 to 6000 miles is a good time frame to replace the cables. Other wise wait till they brake and either have a good stiff pedal in or nice easy spin, depending on the broken cable.

Can you reuse bike cable housing?

replace the housing when you replace the cables. the liner inside the housing is where the wear takes place. if you ride ‘a lot’ then twice a year is good. not so much, once a year.

How long do shifting cables last?

years. the front shift cable also lasts years. the rear, it depends on which bike, but generally lasts 1.5 to 2 years. after the initial cable stretch, there is nothing to be done for a long, long time.

Should I replace shifter cable housing?

Housing most commonly needs replacement when the lubrication in the liner has washed or otherwise worn away, or if contaminants have worked their way inside. Either of these is difficult to see, but will affect the movement of the cable within the housing.

Do bike cables wear out?

They don’t “wear out.” Eventually a strand or two will break, causing a fraying cable, but that can take a very very long time. You will not see any improvement when replacing the cables.

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Why do bikes have exposed cables?

Very compressible, high friction. Housing stops and exposed cable made the shifting (and braking) more solid and reduced friction. These are not really an issue with modern housing and cables but exposed cable has become traditional.

How much does it cost to replace brake cables?

If you need someone to replace the handbrake cable, costs will vary but be prepared to pay from around $113 to $370 depending on your vehicle. If your vehicle is fitted with electronic parking brakes and the cable needs replacement you could be looking at over $1,000 to get this fixed.

Can I reuse cable end caps?

Those end-caps are quite reusable. If you take a pair of pliers and squeeze it gently so that the flattened portion opens up you can then slide it back onto the cable. Using the pliers you can then re-crimp it on the cable.

Do ShimaNO shifters wear out?

Shifters do wear out and unlike Campy, ShimaNO shifters can’t be rebuilt and have to replaced once they’re gone. But if you should get a million or so shifts out of them before this happens.