What type of bike is Trek Marlin?

Suitable types of mountain biking

Is the trek Marlin 7 good for jumps?

At least the 7 isn’t horrible but it’s NOT a bike that can handle any jumping or anything for very long. It’s a path/smoother singletrack XC type bike. Would be fine for a while but if you start doing jumps and drops youll kill the wheels and forks fairly quickly.

What is the difference between a marlin 5 and Trek 4?

Trek Marlin 4

The 4 is a slightly toned down version of the Marlin 5. … A high quality aluminum frame that uses slightly less tech than the Marlin 5. A tad bit heavier with less funky shaping. Mechanical disc brakes and Suntour forks are standout parts picks.

How many gears does the trek Marlin 4 have?

Marlin 4 is the perfect gateway to trail riding. It’s ideal for new riders who want a mountain bike with knobby tyres, that can double as a rugged commuter. Disc brakes, front suspension, 21 speeds and mounts for a rack and fenders make this a great bike for new trail riders and campus commuters alike.

What’s the difference between a Marlin 5 and Marlin 6?

In contrast to the Marlin 5 with its 3×7 gearing, the Marlin 6 has a 2×8 system. This is a nod towards the high-end bikes with their single cog and gives a simpler front derailleur setup. My favorite feature of the Marlin 6 is the locking front fork. For me, front suspension on a MTB is an essential.

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