What kind of bike does Arnold ride?

What kind of bicycle does Arnold ride?

Schwarzenegger, whose ride is a custom Matchless Urban E-Bike estimated to cost a cool $5,500 (according to High Snobiety), is often spotted pedaling through LA and makes biking part of his daily workout routine.

How much is a 1991 Harley Davidson Fatboy worth?


Excellent $10,810
Very Good $6,845
Good $2,940
Fair $1,275
Poor N/A

What bike did John Connor ride in Terminator 2?

The T-800 Terminator 2

The Honda XR, ridden by John Connor (Edward Furlong) in the film, was dubbed with a 2-stroke sound to create a strong contrast with the Terminator’s Harley-Davidson.

Do actors lie about height?

Actors lie about their heights.

That’s led many actors to lie about their appearance on casting listings. This includes their heights. … Casting a whole show can be a balance of a lot of things, including heights, & easily 50% of the time male actors exaggerate how tall they are, sometimes by a lot, on their resumes.

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