What is the longest jump on a dirt bike?

Who died on a dirt bike jump?

Stunt rider Alex Harvill has died from injuries sustained while practicing to set a world-record motorcycle jump in Moses Lake, Washington, officials said. Harvill, 28, died Thursday from his injuries, Grant County Coroner Craig Morrison said.

Who jumped a football field on a motorcycle?

Daredevil Alex Harvill died on Thursday while practicing for a world-record ramp-to-dirt motorcycle jump. Harvill was planning to attempt a 351-foot jump, which is equivalent to the length of a football field from goal post to goal post, during the Moses Lake Airshow on Thursday.

How high do motocross riders jump?

70 feet –The distance of a Monster Energy Supercross triple jump—the same as two school buses parked end-to-end. 3 feet – Height of a typical Supercross whoop.

How far can a motorcycle jump?

Longest motorcycle jump-world record set by Robbie Maddison

[March 29]MELBOURNE, Australia–Robbie Maddison jumped about 107m (346 feet ) and set the world record for the longest motorcycle jump. Maddison hit the ramp at more than 165 km/h on his modified Honda CR500 motorbike.

How far did Alex Harvill jump?

A world record attempt to jump a motorcycle 107 metres has ended in disaster after US daredevil Alex Harvill was killed in a warm-up jump.

How many bones has Robbie Maddison broken?

SO FAR in his kamikaze sporting career, Robbie Maddison, the most crazy sporting export Australia has produced, has endured a broken neck, collar bones (both, twice) and leg (twice), a brain hemorrhage, a punctured lung, a ruptured scrotum, snapped anterior cruciate ligaments, fractured vertebrae and a torn lower lip.

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What is the longest motorcycle?

The longest motorcycle is 26.29 m (86 ft 3 in) long and was created by Bharat Sinh Parmar (India). It was presented and measured at Lakhota lake, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India, on 22 January 2014. Bharat’s bike is more than 4 m (13 ft) longer than the previous record holder’s.