What is the chainstay on a mountain bike?

What is a good chainstay length?

Normal chainstays are: Road bikes: 40.5 to 41.5cm… less than 16 ½ inches. Touring bikes: 42 to 43.5cm…

How does chainstay length affect bike?

Shorter Chainstays Are Lighter and Stiffer

Shorter chainstays require less tubing and are therefore lighter and stiffer. The extra stiffness results in a more efficient transfer of power from the pedals to the rear wheel and is considered beneficial to the drivetrain.

How does chainstay length affect handling?

Stiffer drivetrain: A stiffer drivetrain provides improved acceleration and, to some extent, improved climbing, too. All things equal, a shorter chainstay is stiffer, but just barely. On average, one centimeter of titanium chainstay length reduction equates to about a 1% increase in drivetrain stiffness.

What is chain stay length?

What is chainstay length? The distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the center of the rear wheel axle. This measurement is taken from the side view of the bike, ignoring the z-axis such that the width of the axle or bottom bracket does not come into play.

Is it easier to wheelie a hardtail or full suspension?

IMHO wheelies are easier on full suspension bikes than hardtails. Third, practice practice practice. When I was a kid I spent countless nights practicing wheelies and other mess around tricks. If you can already wheelie for 30 feet, there’s no reason you can’t wheelie for a mile.

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What is stack height bike?

Stack is the vertical height between the bottom bracket centre and the top of the centre of the head tube. Reach is the horizontal distance between the same points. ‘It’s not like these are new metrics – they’ve always existed,’ says Tom Sturdy, head of education at the Bicycle Academy.

What is the thing that holds the chain on a bike called?

Rear Derailleur: The rear derailleur literally de-rails the chain from one cassette cog to the next. It has a hangy-leg-thingy that has two small cog-shaped wheels mounted in its frame. This hangy thing keeps the chain tight so that all the extra slack is taken up to keep the chain from dragging the ground.