What dirt bike was used in Terminator 2?

What kind of dirt bike did John Connor ride in Terminator 2?

One of the highlight vehicles featured in the film is a 1991 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. It was ridden by Arnold Schwarzenegger through the Los Angeles River as he helped John Connor (portrayed by Edward Furlong) escape the menacing T-1000 Terminator.

What was John Connors bike?

The Terminator is on a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle, John Connor is on his Honda XR100R motorcycle, and the T-1000 commandeers a semi truck. The Terminator pulls John off his motorcycle just in the nick of time and the two ride away to safety (for a brief spell).

What does CRF stand for Honda?

Posted December 20, 2004. CR is Competition Race and the F is for Four Stroke.

What motorcycle is in Ghost Rider?

Ghost Rider usually wears black leathers and a black helmet with black visor to help protect his identity. Motorbikes used in the films are the Suzuki GSX-R1000 and Suzuki GSX-1300R (Hayabusa).

What dirt bike did John Connor?

The dirt bike used by Jon Connor was not a Yamaha DT50. The bike used by Edward Furlong was a 1990 Honda XR80, while the one used by his stund double was a XR100 of the same year. Both bikes had their front and side number plates removed, and were dirtied up to give them an older look.

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How fast does a Honda XR80 go?

How fast does a Honda XR80 dirt bike go? The top speed for Honda CRF80 is 55 mph.

How much is a 1991 Harley Davidson Fatboy worth?


Excellent $10,810
Very Good $6,845
Good $2,940
Fair $1,275
Poor N/A