What can I use if I don’t have a bike lock?

How do you reset the letters on a bike lock?

Move the second dial from the right (letter “E”) clockwise by one letter. Repeat step 3 and 4 until you’ve been through all 99 possible combinations. Finally, shift the fourth dial (letter “S”) clockwise by one letter, and repeat the previous steps and this one, until the lock pops open.

How do you pick a bike lock with a paperclip?

Picking a lock with paper clips works pretty much the same way as picking a lock with a traditional tension wrench and rake. You just need to turn two paper clips into those two very same tools, and then pick the lock with them like you’d normally do.

Can I lock my bike to a lamppost?

If it can be easily removed, so can your bike. Secondly, if you’re locking your bike to a lamppost, make sure that it’s not one that your lock (and bike) can be easily lifted up, over and off. … Wherever you choose to lock it, make sure it’s safe to do so and that it’s not prohibited.

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