Quick Answer: Can a child’s bike seat go on any bike?

Do child bike seats fit all bikes?

There are two ways of fitting a rear child seat to your bike – frame mounted or rack mounted. Many of the seats available have different models for different fixing methods, so do make sure you’re buying the correct one for your needs. Frame mounted rear seats fit most bike types, and are therefore more commonly found.

Can bike seats go on any bike?

Other cycles

Recumbent cycles don’t have the seat tube that some seats require, but any bike or trike that can be fitted with a conventional rear carrier rack can take rack-fitting seats.

What age can a child go on the back of a bike?

There are two main styles of child bike seats – those mounted on the front and those on the rear. These are both suitable for carrying a child from around six months, when they can sit up unaided, up to between four and six years old.

Are child bike seats safe?

Baby bike seats are the only safe way to carry a child on your bike; the American Academy of Pediatrics advises that front packs, backpacks, slings and carriers don’t offer adequate protection. It also isn’t a good idea to go out for a ride during nap time.

Do child bike seats expire?

CAR SEATS — There are federal laws regulating safety standards for car seats, but no expiration dates, according to the federal National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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What age is 22kg?

Reflecting this, new booster cushions launched after March 2017 will only be approved for children over 22kg (around 6 years) and more than 125cm tall. This will be clearly marked on the label.