Quick Answer: Are Carrera bikes made by Halfords?

Is Carrera bikes Halfords own brand?

Carrera bikes are sold exclusively by Halfords and sit between the budget Apollo range, and the premium Boardman and Voodoo bikes. The Carrera range’s emphasis is on value, with good specs and no bike priced above £600.

Is Carrera a good road bike brand?

Carrera are one of the more common bike brands sighted on British roads, the affordable range appealing to a wide market that covers those seeking their first road bike to cycling commuters looking for a bike that won’t break the bank.

Are Halfords bikes any good?

We were blown away with the spec sheet and even more impressed by the impeccable handling on offer. Put simply, it’s a really great bike at a fantastic price. Another top-rated bike from the Halfords shop floor is the Incline Alpha from in-house brand 13 Bikes.

Does Halfords own voodoo?

Voodoo are exclusive to Halfords. They product three mountain around the £500 mark with this Bantu being the regular 27.5in wheel option.

What does Carrera stand for?

Carrera (Spanish for “race” and “career”) is a brand of Porsche automobile. The name commemorates the company’s success in the Carrera Panamericana race.

Why are Carrera bikes so popular?

Carrera bikes are admired by families, enthusiasts and professionals alike for their quality ride and excellent value. … Whether you’re seeking adventure on a Carrera MTB, relaxing on a gentle road route, or keeping it interesting on a hybrid, Carrera will see you through.

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