Question: What is the best 4 in 1 trike?

What age is Radio Flyer tricycle for?


Ages: 2-4 years
Seat to Handle: 15″- 15.5″
Seat to Pedal: 17.5″ – 19″
Weight: 14.11 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 42.5 lbs.

How do I choose a trike?

If you are not very mobile you’ll need to think about getting on and off the trike and consider where you will be riding.

  1. Consider a low step over if you can’t raise your leg very high.
  2. Consider an electric trike for power assistance.

What age can toddlers pedal?

They will progress through the stages of sitting and walking, sitting, running and balancing, before reaching the gliding stage. When your child can balance, glide and stop, they can transition to a conventional pedal bike. This usually happens between the ages of 3 and 6-years old.

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