Question: Is third party insurance enough for bike?

Which insurance is best for bike third party?

List of Top Two Wheeler Insurance Plans in India

Two Wheeler Insurance Providers Third-party Cover Policy Term
Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance Available 01 Year
Digit Two Wheeler Insurance Available 01 Year
Edelweiss Two Wheeler Insurance Available 01 Year
IFFCO Tokio Two Wheeler Insurance Available 01 Year

Is third party insurance compulsory for a 2 wheeler?

Yes. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, it is mandatory to have a Third Party bike insurance that will cover third-party liabilities. However, experts recommend Comprehensive insurance that will cover not only third-party damages, but also damages and losses to your own vehicle.

Is third party insurance enough for bike Quora?

Third-party bike insurance is mandatory in India as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, and thus, you should definitely buy a third-party coverage for your bike. However, this policy does not cover the theft and damages to your bike.

What is the benefit of third party insurance?

What is third party insurance? It protects you against any legal liability, accidental liability, or property damage in case of an unfortunate event. This policy also covers medical expenses in case a third party is injured in an accident or dies.

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How do I check if my third party insurance is valid?


  1. Step 1:Visit the IIB web-portal.
  2. Step 2:Enter details on the mandatory fields this includes name, email ID or mobile number, address, car registration number and the accident date.
  3. Step 3:Enter the security code and click on submit.

What is better comprehensive or third party?

​We all know one thing that the primary difference between third-party car insurance and a comprehensive car insurance one is that of coverage. The third-party insurance as clear with the name only covers for third party liabilities, while the comprehensive one covers for damages done to own vehicle as well.

Is 3rd year 3rd party insurance mandatory?

Third party insurance is mandatory under the motor insurance law for covering liability of third party. Insurers believe the 3 year tenure will subsequently decreases the cost like issuing policies, administering them and follow-ups for renewals.

How can I change my third party insurance to comprehensive for two-wheeler?

How to switch from Third-party to comprehensive car insurance

  1. Visit online car insurance provider in India.
  2. Navigate to car insurance page.
  3. Enter your car number.
  4. Leave the previous policy number blank.
  5. Proceed to buy a comprehensive policy.
  6. Set the Insured Declared Value of your car.

Is 3 years insurance mandatory?

If you choose a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance cover, then your policy tenure will be for 3 years as opposed to 5 years. A minimum of third party cover at all times is already compulsory under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988.

Is third party insurance enough for bike in India?

No, third party insurance for your bike isn’t enough because it offers limited coverage. Third party insurance is mandated as per Motor Vehicle Ac, 1988. However, it doesn’t provide coverage to the owner of the bike in case of any mishap or natural disaster.

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Can I buy a bike without insurance?

Yes, you can buy a two-wheeler from a dealer without a two-wheeler insurance policy. However, you have to purchase at least a Third-party 2-wheeler Insurance Policy to register the vehicle.

Which is best 1st party or 3rd party insurance?

Difference Between First Party and Third Party in Car Insurance

Categories First Party
Property Damage Cover In case the first party damages his/ her own property with the insured vehicle, even the best car insurance will not cover the property damages. Only damages to the car will be covered under comprehensive insurance