Is Opus a good bike brand?

What is the number 1 bike brand?

1. Giant. The name says everything. Based in Taiwan, Giant is seen as the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer with over 6.6 million bikes produced and more than $1.8 billion income as of 2014.

Does Opus make good bikes?

Whether you cycle for sport, recreation, commuting, or you are just looking for your first bike, Opus is ready for you. They design and build high quality bicycles that will suite your lifestyle and help you discover the joy of being on two wheels.

Are Opus bikes made in Canada?

Opus electric bikes are built with quality parts, and assembled and tested in our Montreal facility.

Is Louis Garneau a good bike?

” It rides very well on long rides and with the compact geometry goes around corners very well. The bottom bracket is very stiff and responsive” T Lowe. That made me feel very good about the bike but I am still a little sceptical about buying it, there is not much info and people out there ridding them.

What bike do I need for my height?

#1 – Simple Size Chart

Your Height Bike Frame Size
5’7″ – 5’11” 16 – 17 inches
5’11” – 6’2″ 17-19 inches
6’2″ – 6’4″ 19 – 21inches
6’4″ and taller 21+ inches
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Who is the best Tour de France rider?

As of 2021, Jacques Anquetil (France), Eddy Merckx (Belgium), Bernard Hinault (France), and Miguel Indurain (Spain) were the riders who most won the Tour de France, each with five victories.

Is serious a good bike brand?

The most popular series from Serious

In order to make this way of life accessible for everyone, Serious Cycles builds high-quality and inexpensive bikes for everyone from beginners to advanced riders. They offer lightweight models equipped with durable components, designed by people who know what is important.